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Allow me to introduce myself.  I’m a songwriter who’s in pursuit of the elusive hit song.  One small problem: I can’t sing.  Or play an instrument.  Or read music.  (Okay, so that’s THREE small problems).  Which is why I recently moved to Nashville … because there is an unbelievable amount of talented people here who CAN sing.  And likewise, there is an infinite number of world-class musicians here who can play any instruments I need, and producers who can take my lyrics & melodies, add instruments, vocals, a bit of studio magic … and somehow end up with a recording that makes me believe that I just may capture that hit I’ve been chasing.

Before moving to the Nashville area I recorded over 60 songs.  But I decided to ditch most of my catalog and start over, utilizing local musicians.  You can listen to 30-second clips of each song by clicking on the “My Songs” tab above.  While you’re there you can also listen to the “Free Song Of The Day” in it’s entirety.  And as long as you’re navigating around my website, click on the “My Videos” tab at the top of the page and check out some music videos I made (All were produced before I moved to Nashville).

I will be posting new songs as they are recorded, so drop by every now and then for updates!  If you like what you hear please tell others about my songs, and add a link to my website on whatever social media you use.

You are always welcome to email me by clicking on the "Contact Me" tab above.  All comments, positive or otherwise, are appreciated and all questions will be answered within 48 hours …

Thanks for your support, and for helping me live my dream. Here’s hoping that all of your own dreams come true ...

Reach for the stars.  Don't die with an unfinished song inside you …

- Mike Sandler
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